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Gold Medal Cotton Candy Flossugar Banana Bonanza Yellow Banana 090939132187

Flossugar Silly Banana Bonanza


Gold Medal Banana Bonanza Yellow Banana Flossugar is the perfect product to keep up with demand. One 1/2 gallon carton will produce 60-70 medium-sized cones. Unlike other cotton candy products, and other sugar concentrates, Flossugar is a pre-mixed product and ready to use. No more messy mixes. Open the carton, pour directly into the spinner head, and you’re on your way to fresh and tasty cotton candy.

Gold Medal Flossugar is a perfect consistency – not too coarse, not too fine – and delivers tasty results. Their proprietary mix colors ensure a bright product, without exceeding concentration limits set by the FDA. Banana Bonanza Yellow Banana is a classic banana flavor with yellow coloring to match. 

Gold Medal is a leader in concession supplies. Gold Medal is used by professionals to yield the finest concession products, including popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy, nachos, and more, you will find this ready-to-use Flossugar will exceed all your expectations


Gold Medal Cotton Candy Flossugar Banana Bonanza Yellow Banana

Gold Medal’s Flossugar is their signature blend for a perfectly balanced sugar. Now it’s available in a 3.25 LB carton that’s perfect for rental companies or home use. Pre-mixed and ready to use, simply add it to your spinner head and start making cotton candy.

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Weight 3.25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in


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